Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 27, 2007

Patience of Love

Born with my name,
Trained with mother’s love,
Hungry for only a human’s love.

Yes, I can smile wide,
when you crush my ego,
under your holy feet.

My poems still have hopes,
But unable to make promises,
As limited is my capacity.

Today, if you make distance,
I can make you feel near,
Making feel you love ever.

I learnt to sacrifice,
Failures makes stronger,
I learnt the patience.

I learnt to give, only give,
More than you can ask for,
I can drive you mad.

Even if there lacks faith,
You feel weak to take,
that, still I have to give.

You can test me, burn me,
thrash me, dip me deep!
Ah! you will cry that day !

And, I will cry more than you,
You will hear me in winds,
Your cheeks will feel my tears.


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