Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 16, 2007

Past to Present (4) – Those Toys

We used to be a team of 4 kids, in care of Amiya Mama and Masi, when Ma-Baba brought wooden toys from Kamrup Kamakhaya(Assam) and Shillong (Meghalaya). Actually they returned back much before the planned schedule, as on night, Ma saw some not so good dream about one of her kid. Phones were not available that time as its today . But she was so pleased to find everyone fine at home.

But we children have been interested in our concerns first. So we were inpatient to see what they brought for us. Mentionable is the tall wooden toy, which was a big wooden Baba, which can be opened at waist. Opening that came out his wife. Open the Ma, then came out their son. Open the son up, then came out another younger daughter. Our joys were no bounds. After taking those out we played a lot and afterwards playing kept them carefully. We used to pack them into the parental unit – the big Papa. I specially liked the youngest little one toy, cute type! But as a whole, it was a wonder toy. We were always encouraged for local made toys of handicrafts, made up of mud, and woods.

In that age group, only this toy, along with other wooden toys, was the matter of importance to us. The rest things of her bagful of bamboo / wooden items were of no use for us that time ! These included bamboo lampshade, basket, filter and round wooden containers to keep the household items. Except most toys (blame solely we four for loosing them) and lampshade all are still decorated on our racks today.

Even afterwards, she has been always interested in collecting the local handicrafts from the places, be it be Mathura , Ooty or Gangasagar. And there are short stories associated with all her purchases  May this tendency I carried unknowingly. And I have some unknown deep interest in the local artisans of the places. Its worth to say I am not much an Archies / Hall mark gift shop crazy (unless needed desperately) as my brain is already is hand crafted forever.

Recently on my Coorg tour, I could not get five minutes to buy a single item from the array of the Tibetan handicraft shops from Golden temple Tibetan artisans. It surprises me, that many a times that regarding these things, my tastes do not suit many of my friends. I was choosing glazing carpet type wooden table mats to buy. And I couldn’t buy. I simple balanced my self with fully fake smile for my hurried friends who were not interested even a bit about those shops.

And I am determined, one day with my dear companion; I shall go there again to purchase ‘those’ table mats.


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