Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 15, 2007

Exploring Kerala (3) – Handicrafts

Kerala is rich in Handicrafts too. My Kerala tour was really good in all terms. I was able to spend considerable time in Uravu shop for handicrafts. I bought many coconut and wood crafts to my satisfaction. At the counter, when the purchased items were arranged at one place, a small cardboard box was needed to pack them up and needed a specialWooden Handicrafts of Kerala care in return journey.

I knew my purchases, hence spending support their efforts. And to be frank, when the bill was presented to me, I requested them for making it to some round figure. Its worth to say that they reduced it a considerable themselves more than what I expected. Hope this money (including more), I shall spent for those crafts again for those wooden pair of elephants some day!

Almost every place of India has some indigenous natural products. For our local area, we have Jute of best quality for handicrafts. And Kerala is rich in coconut, wood, forest (dry) flowers and stones. Since generations lasts, they have learnt the method of processing, refining and giving them a shape of elegance.

From a whole coconut with fibers they can make a cute elephant, flower vases and so many other items. There can be whole description about the usefulness of coconut fibers for making handicrafts. The Bamboo trunk, they use for making a whole variety of table top items as well as wall hangings. But after seeing the bamboo craft, I felt NE Indian craftsmen are better in indigenous Bamboo craft work. There were whole range of spices and paintings too for sales.

When the fortunate enough people, work in sync with underprivileged ones, filling up any unnecessary gaps, with helping hands and clean soul, social economics prospers.

I enquired about the shop and they gave their visiting cards and information booklet. All these social initiative were taken by Uravu. Now with my inquisitive tendency, we discussed about their efforts. I shall like to personally see their tribal crafts processing sometime in future.


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