Posted by: Prem Piyush | January 3, 2007

107 Visits !

I am sure of a good blogging year for this english blog. To welcome this year, the blog crossed 100 visits per day( 107 visits – 2nd January). For a dormant blogger for long, there are good omens to proceed in the terrains without looking back. I must upgrade the contents as per frequent ‘search terms’ for SEO optimization to benefit the clicks here. Anyway, interesting are the search terms :).

Search Views

  • sankranthi photos Village 3
  • hindi poem marriage invitation 2
  • tea in bihar 2
  • madhubani painting 2
  • hindi poetry on newyears day 2
  • ego in handwriting 1
  • Samudra manthan 1
  • hindi poetry on sisters 1
  • painting buddha partial face 1
  • Samudra manthan ratnas Kalpavriksha 1


  • Culture in interior Bihar in India 4
  • more pictures of premchand 3
  • hindi poems 2
  • hindi poems 2
  • madhubani painting 2
  • iskcon brides 2
  • comments on makar sankranti 1
  • hindi poem for wishing 1
  • sankranti greetings 1

Thanks a lot my inspirations !



  1. Congrates!! 🙂

    I also used to have such visitors in my previous URL but not in the new. But here too kabhi kabhi ed-aad bhule bhagte aatein hai.

    In my previous URL the hot key was jiya dhadak dhadak jaye – it used to be more than 5 visitors everyday and there were other key words too.

  2. Faaltu ki site

  3. Congratulations. In addition, one always remembers a good prolific writer.

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