Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 31, 2006

Missing You – 2006

My sister got married with his dream guy.
Left my last job but that was lucky (as Nani ma had told), so I got my dream job.
Brother did a responsible job, may God give you more courage.
Went through my biggest tests of life to make me stronger.
The throwaway type black cow gifted us a healthy calf and seems happy .
Maa got 4 teachers and resources to serve the so called ‘Harizan students’.
Didi was blessed with second son. Umaah! Missing you ! How do you look !!
Nani Ma , Nana ji is fine to bless us.
Met two good bloggers in real life in Bangalore and formed pure and stronger bonds.
Saw the purest form of net culture and faith, it carries only for people like us.
Got…!!! Missing one point, I guess.. List will be updated 😉

I loved you – 2006.



  1. Seeing your list, it sounds you have a blessed 2006. Hope the 2007 also will be funfull and happy year.

    God Bless you. 🙂

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