Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 27, 2006

To whom should I say ?

To whom should I say ?
My those pains and dreams ,
Who shall hear today, and let me relive.

To my mother !
Who is too old to bear my pains.
I wouldn’t give a single tear in her eyes.

To my friend !
Who has set free from,
the false promises of honesty.

To my teacher !
Who will give a lesson,
from those yellow scriptures again.

To those birds !
Who just fly away,
chippering at my non-sense.

To the leaves !
Who always keep nodding,
I don’t know, they hear or not.

To the poems !
who are just restless,
Asking for a help, a little help.

Yes, to You !
Who reads me best,
Relieve me from this, I do pray.


  1. Tell to Anubhuti

    be’coz Anubhuti understands anubhuti 🙂

  2. hummmmm

    I suggest you to tell to the river…. as it will flow to the ocean containing them….. and ocean will keep hiding them as a pearl in its beneath.

    Waise a good one.

  3. Your poem reminded me the song – Kaun sunega kisko sunaaye isiliye chup rehete hai by Kishor Kumar, film Sautan ki Beti 🙂

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