Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 25, 2006

Christmas Colours

Loooong wonderful weekends of the year for everyone on the earth and me the wonder-fool of the week ! Hey, I am not doing any typo here. And this is how I felt to myself this week 🙂 .

This weekend tried to read something to keep myself busy after weekend cleaning spree. But eyes were not moving right or moving very fast on pages. Alumni coordination activity is postponed for this week, so related NGO works needs re-planning. If I don’t keep myself busy ( even its busy for nothing), I turn out as a living ghost.

Idea !! Repaint the flower pots, but that’s not exactly what I wanted. But painting can be done. Though mini e-painting on Computer using Photoshop CS is turned out as nice experimentation for me. But after office works, I felt the need of keeping myself away from those bright pixels. It seems I am missing the original pixels of life. There was an intense desire to find the actual pixels of my paintbrushes, lost many years ago. And I wanted my fingers play with the brushes, get them dirty for cleaning the soul.

Drawing, painting, writing prose and poems is something which helps you out when reading or watching TV is not of much help. Though Ma suggested more as to get the harmonium from home or buy new guitar and join nearby some music classes again, but that will take time.

The heart started pounding for recreating those desired strokes. On Saturday, I went to nearby superstore and bought the set of 36 coloured pencils . Other only option was to buy cake type water colors for bachche log. That day when I bought 36 colours pencil set I found myself lucky again as in childhood finding 12 colours set I used to feel lucky. I sat to draw something without any rough sketch and after drawing what came out , is as redrawing of my childhood prize winning village scene. Could not smile back at my wish to return back to my childhood (my immaturity!). To prove it, I have kept all the nice looking sharpener extracts of all the pencils safe for another creativity.

New year is round the corner and there are beloved to be wished. Either I prefer to buy the Charity cards for the purpose or make my own and put my loving colors for them.

The foundation was rebuilt on the coloured pencils and on the Sunday evening, the crazy pull for getting my lost painting materials took me unplanned towards the big bookstores of Jayanagar – IV block. And I bought them. All time favourite water colors and brushes. After all the things got billed, only disheartening thing was 12.5% VAT on handmade papers. When govt. has planned to encourage the handicrafts of all types, this VAT on already expensive handmade paper needs serious rethinking.

Got back home with more purchases around 9 PM. Anyway novice artist in me is reborn! Get ready for the passion. For the night dinner, vegetables are already cooked, hence who cares for the dinner. I started painting greeting cards on Sunday late evening with the brush no. 000 and chalti ka naam brush. And in between forsake dinner. While I was in mid of my painting as the clock stroke the midnight, there was sound of fireworks to my surprise. Ah! date has changed. The life has changed or it changed the destiny. Its 25th of December. Christmas again! Time to celebrate life, time to celebrate moments, time to celebrate rays of hopes and of course my colors.

At 1:30 am with ponytail brush no. 4 completed another card’s background with pink . At the end left thumb’s back was full of colours used for shaping brush hairs during painting, so coloured were one water bowl and glass full of water. Coloured was marbled floor with color sprinkles . I am sure, its Christmas for me again:)

Wishing everyone a Merry Chirstmas !

P.S. – This cafe owner is a nice person . Gave me a big plum Christmas cake for feeding the hungry soul. May be a Santa without costumes 🙂


  1. Nice to know that you also love making cards by hand and send.

    I also used to make greeting cards and send to friends…

    I miss them doing now….

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