Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 23, 2006

Loving the wild flowers

Many a times, I thought to write on big things but in reality the plans finished off fast before actual execution.

And I end up writing for small things like this again :

I would like to wander into my vacation destinations, my first love the mighty hills with springs, flora and fauna, second love – the cool beaches (and riversides) where the emotional tides play on the shores, third love the sand and barrens to know the harsh reality of life.

Among these places, wherever I go, I find one thing growing in all the sites – the wild flowers of various shapes and colours. Some growing in grasses, some in knee deep water and some orchid type on high branches and some poor fellow stuck in stones. )

There have been several occasions when roaming around our farmlands, I find small tiny flowers in grasses – pink,violet, red or blue. I used to pluck them and make a small bunch and tie them up to make a super-mini bouquet and bring back to home for giving to my sisters and make them smile. Though I know that , plucking these tiny souls must felt them hurt, but I could not resist to do so. Even while traveling the hill towns of Mirik ( Darjeeling still unexplored for me ! ), I brought home the bunch of wild hill flowers.

Again months back, while during Madikeri downhill journey, while my friends were busy buying honey and cardamom, I was busy collecting orchid kinda flowers roadside. In the light drizzle, I made a bouquet again with them. Should I add that it was again an object of laugh for my friends. Inside the vehicle, the wild bouquet again added to the beauty in front of windscreen.

The reasons may be credited to my unknown love for natural flowers or to be exact zoology. Still I can recognise well a Palmately compound leaves and Pinnately compound leaves. And then multiplied the taste, to realize the exact value of many of them, Ma’s love for Ayurvedic plants Blooming Wild Flowers - Harangi Dam - Koduguand volumes of books by Vaidayraj Shivkali Bhattacharya to identify medicinal plants from wild plants and their parts and make medicine. Wish I could had been a Ayurvedic doctor or at least married to, to make her efforts true. Aree haan ! One day I will write how I missed to fill the medical entrance exam form by one day !!

Anyway for the time being, you needn’t wonder if I pluck a flower from bushes and give you to chew for curing your mouth sore and telling it is ‘sipsipi’ flower, that will cure the sore with a sweet sensation on tongue for just few minutes, which is another  yellow little wild flower went unnoticed for many years for me.

We can grow the flowers of several variety at our home garden, but never tried to grow them so carefully. I think what makes them look nice and important, is the growing in the purest environment in the true care of nature.



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