Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 20, 2006

ISKCON Bangalore – 3 : Vatsalya Festival

ISKCON Vatsalya - Culture Contest for Women - 22nd to 25th Dec 2006

As considerable number of ‘ISKCON Bangalore’ search results comes to this blog, so it may turn useful to say about our festivals celebrated there.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness supports the preservation and promotion of the Vedic culture. ISKCON Bangalore celebrates Vatsalya, a talent search cultural contest for women, to encourage their understanding of the rich Indian culture. It’s a wonderful platform for them to come together and exhibit their talents. A fest of this kind will indeed be a memorable experience for all.

Please find the details here :

Hare Krishna.



  1. The name of the programme “Vatsalya” is very nice.

  2. I request more and more women to come and take part in the Vatsalya programme as its a great platform for talents, as i was one among them who took part and had the blessings of Lord Krishna…

    Hare Krishna

  3. Hare Krishna !

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