Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 17, 2006

Past to Present – 1

Beloved Punished Child

Dear readers, May not till now I am able to feel how my Ma is ! Today even if I can’t give a touchy massage to her tired feet before sleep, I shall be trying to recollect some episodes from her life through my pen. Each episode may not be the exactly same, but they are collective recalls.

It was a May month’s hot Saturday afternoon. We didn’t go to school because the sun was too strong in those days. I, Didi and Bon ( Pinky) were playing outside house in the soil. Deep may be just a little kid that time. While playing we must be conscious that, we were told to finish bath early and complete the tasks given to each of us before Ma comes from school!

Ma came by 1:30 PM. But while coming in the house, I could see that her face was hot because of sun rays. But she looked more serious that time. In play, we didn’t have the consciousness of half of day already passed ! We were surprised to see Ma coming. None of us did take even bath till that time. So we ran towards bathroom – blaming each other. We thought we will escape the situation. But as expected, she was asking the reasons of not completing bath from each of us and she was searching for some thing. She got it for our bad luck – a thin but strong stick. Starting from me to Didi and Pinky just started the beatings on legs. We were crying in chorus. “We wouldn’t do wrong”… “We shall take bath” and such things we were promising.

After she did enough of her emotional outburst to her satisfaction, she fell down on bed and started crying aloud herself more than we all together cried. Hairs dispersed and her school bag lying on bed aside and cloths unarranged. Uninterrupted was the source of energy crying helplessly. The pillow on bed was full of tears.

Seeing her repenting, we forgot the lines of sticks on our legs. As there was no elder at home at the time, no one could console her too. We were standing near to bed. After she stopped sobering, Didi gathered courage to call her. Though with fear, she called slowly – “Ma…Ma….”. After few minutes she moved and got up taking her anchal on her shoulders.

We were taking the bath silently like most disciplined children on earth and she was preparing the lunch for us. Leading a role of single working mother (Baba’s postings had been mostly outside town) with dedication towards profession, climbing own career stairs, expectations from children and need of house going in perfection ! She has been not just a she or I can say another perfect she, struggling hard to build the generation.  Obviously there may be more reasons for her such emotional outbreak, but the primary reason was she didn’t expect us to be playing in soil till that time.

Its worth to reveal here that, afterwards I did hide the stick in our cowshed 🙂 .


Though this is not an analogy in anyway, but now when I see something goes unexpected with me, I want to punish my children creations ‘with words’. As these children don’t have life like us (just words made of pixels), I thought to delete them few a times, but they remained intact to me as a beloved punished child seeing them grow for ‘someday’.



  1. The titled “Beloved Punished Child” is very apt.

    I know you have read “My First Day in School” under the “My Memoir” Series. I got a slap from my Ma on that day and it was my first and last slap and it was just like a “Prasadam” till today. Her slap helped me what I’m today.

    Really nice to read about your childhood. Hope to read more 🙂

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