Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 15, 2006

A silent sleep

Just wanna sleep for sometime,
Without drinks and smokes.
I know that helps to many,
Helping to fly for moments,
To forget the selfish failures.
And they can’t help forever.

I will sleep with my songs,
I will wake up with my songs,
I will live my songs, to carry,
the pains and the laughs forever.
Beyond life and death,
Vibrations will echo the brains.

I will sleep with the satisfaction,
I am fortunate enough than others,
Who got more pains than me,
Whose dream castle melted in soil,
And my Friend, who lost his father .
I am better than all those slum kids.

I know its difficult to sleep now,
I shall close the eyes, just for a sleep,
I wouldn’t ask for selfish dreams.
I shall pray to Him, folding my hands,
Give the best, what she deserves,
Give the best, what I deserve.



  1. Beautiful thoughts. 🙂


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