Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 30, 2006

Fiction or Real !

The JNVians’ GT @ Kanpur finished off well on 19th Nov. Though except my little contribution of work for the GT, I was not present there physically. The organisers needed time to come-up with reports. For the time being there was no GT reports at forum. Then with ingredients of little but exactFiction and Real information, I had on hand from venue and after adding up my imagination, I cooked a piece of Kanpur GT description. Though, I never wrote that I was there, our alumni read it like original piece. But at one place dear Sumit spilled the beans ! On being questioned by Ajay, I had to give them clue that it was fiction. But the attendees of the GT complemented, its as a real fiction!

Earlier another funny fiction episode occurred, when I wrote on my so called second marriage anniversary 🙂 .

Though have not read many fictions, I have started dreaming to write someday real fiction too.


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