Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 23, 2006

Its a Page-3 lesson !

It was the set of movie Babul. This incident is a real one . Rani Mukherjee was learning bike driving lessons from Salman. He gave Rani the clutch and accelerator lessons well and she paid half attention to those.Rani Mukherjee

She started the bike. With her half learnt lessons, the bike accelerated full and jumped into the air few meters high ! To everyone on the set, this was an unbelievable real action. As the bike crashed on land, every one on the set was looking towards the British guy present there instead of the bruised Rani. The 10 years old bike was owned and well maintained by the British guy. His bike !! To surprise, British guy without any worry was laughing. On being asked he replied “Mr. Salman, why only 1 bike, I can sacrifice 10 such bikes to see such an action”.

Maintaining a bike for 10 years was easier but not the calm composure and emphasizing the action happened there. I adore you, man!



  1. Nice to read this. Yes, money is not everything. Some the moment and happening can’t be return even we spent our whole earnings.

    Thanks to putting it here. 🙂

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