Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 20, 2006

Donation drive for “Yugi”– Bangalore JNV Alumni Chapter

Dear JNVians,

Our M.Yugandhar Reddy (Yugi) is a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kurnool alumni. He is studying his B.Sc in kurnool (A.P). Unfortunately he is suffering from a congenital genetic disorder “Alport`s Syndrome.” He needed kidney transplantation for his survival.

Yugandhar’s family:

In his family, only other person is his mother. She has a single kidney left , after donating one for her elder son, M.Koteswara Reddy (who is also a Navodayan and is suffering from the same disease, a fate worse than death). She was even ready to die to give life to her second son, Yugandhar. Obviously, the hospital authorities were against her decision.

Humanitarian Efforts:

Getting donation in form of money was easier but not a kidney.

Fortunate enough, one healthy humanitarian lady Mrs. S. Nagasubbulu, W/O: Mr. Santeena of Kadapa has come forward to donate her kidney after reacting to the news covered in national dailies and TV channels.

Humanitarian efforts of concerned Navodayans brought money for his preparation for operation and the operation itself as many of us donated with open hands. And many more are willing to do so when they knew the fact.

Latest Update :
ON 15th Nov. 2006, his transplantation was done in Hyderabad, successfully. Thanks to Hyderabad chapter of Navodaya alumni. Her mother’s eyes filled with tears, when she was thanking for JNVians after transplantation.

Half the battle is over, but still we have a long way to go. And he needs post operative expenditure to meet. Its expensive really. Its may came 10,000/- to 15,000/- per month.

We @ Bangalore chapter:
We the Bangalore chapter of JNV alumni , through our network is trying to arrange the donation drive with our known Navodaya alumni channel. We have opened a bank account dedicated for the purpose and being maintained by an alumni, P.Suresh Kumar(from same JNV Kurnool), who is working in Bangalore.

How much we can donate (just for indicative purpose) :
Employed alumni: Anything more than Rs. 500 /- though today majority are able to donate Rs. 1000/- to 5000/- .
Alumni Students : Any amount Rs. 50/- to 100/-

How to send the donation:

Step 1:
Transfer donation electronically or by “crossed” bank draft / cheque to Suresh’s Address or directly to bank. The cheque/draft will be made in name of P.Suresh Kumar. Account no.: 004701524822. Bank ICICI Bank, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bangalore.

In case, you can donate by cash too. You will receive an acknowledgement on the site The donation will be deposited in the dedicated account for the purpose :

ICICI A/C no and Branch
Account Number: 004701524822.
Name: P.Suresh Kumar.

Address of Bank
No:117, Koramangala Industrial Layout,
7th Block, Bangalore-560095.
Ph: No’s-51104980,51104981,51104988,

Address of Account Holder:
P.Suresh kumar
H.No :66/2
9th cross
Dodda Abbaiah Colony
Nagavara Palya
C V Raman Nagar
Bangalore 93

Step 2:
Email about the details of donation cheque/DD no. and postal address.with subject line :Yugi Donation — Bangalore JNV Alumni Chapter”
to :
cc to —

Contact nos for any clarification:
At Bangalore:
+91 9886551559 (P.Suresh Kumar) JNV Kurnool . AP
+91 9886252927 ( Prem Piyush) JNV Purnea, Bihar

At Hyderabad to know about Yugandhar’s present condition :
P.G.Murali @ +91 9849295220 , +91 9849595220 , +91 9346965519
Gangadhar Battula @ :+91 9885224155

Website links for more information:
1. The site space dedicated to all related documents :

2. The forum on where you can find about our proceedings:

3. The newspaper clip published for the same:
I cordially request you all to make this donation drive successful. Let make other JNVian in this area be known with this.

In case of any query please call me @ 9886252927. I can personally collect cheques on sundays.

Thanks & Regards,
Prem Piyush.
JNV Purnea
(1987 – 88 )
Coordinator- ” Yugi Donation drive– Bangalore JNV Alumni Chapter”
Ph. 09886252927



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