Posted by: Prem Piyush | November 8, 2006


In school, starting class 6,  Maa used to give me lesser marks than the first boy – Dheeraj,  because of my lack of expression & Handwriting. And due to that guy, I slipped to position 2.  I used to think, why she does so to her own son? 

 She must have visualized that this will be my long term lesson.

Afterwards, even in my teens,  from her MA books she used to recite Kalidas, Prem Chand. I learnt her intricate lessons of weaving and polished the skills. She used to again revert me back to pen of bamboo sticks and handwriting tasks. Years passed off.  I  still recall her lessons and try to compete with many Dheeraj(s).

And these last few months, have been really rewarding for me for my words. It seems that now my life is getting a meaning to re-live, with my words. And let others rekindle their lives.

Though I will not remain with them for ever but satisfying is , they will keep me alive,  her lessons and of course friend Dheeraj.



  1. You are really lucky enough to have such a wonderful and talented mother. God bless her and you.

    And I wish you will get all the success and happiness what you have been logging for… and there are many more to come your way. Wish you all the best 🙂

  2. I don’t know about the handwriting but yes you have learnt your mother’s lessons in expression really well! Thanks to her.

  3. Juneli & Aushima,
    Thank you from Ma’s end.
    For fun, here are the 4 generations:
    Teacher ( my parnani ) – Teacher (my nani – though she could not continue) – Teacher ( Maa) – Teacher ( my didi) – Next be very sure :).
    Though I could never make my Hindi handwriting like her’s but improved it to my extent :p . Do find a post on handwriting written on December 4, 2004.

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