Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 25, 2006

Taxi Driver

From Bangalore, 5 software engineers wished to spend holidays on a hill town, Coorg on a hired Tata Sumo. The hiring charges were Rs. 5.50 / km. In addition they had to pay driver bata per day Rs. 150/- from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. There is a additional rule that, in case the driver drives the vehicle apart from these hours, Rs. 150/- as additional driver bata will be charged.

Charged with money, spirit and music tracks, it was a memorable journey. Among the hill valleys, over the sharp turns of roads, along with continuous rainy season, the expert driving saved a lot of time and helped everyone to visit maximum number of places, without any scratch of fear or danger.

Towards the end of journey at the Coorge – Buddhist Golden temple, driver was told to park the vehicle. The young chaps visited the temple and returned back to vehicle. They watched the clock. It was 4:15 pm. Reaching Bangalore will take 6 hours. It means, if they did any delay, by the time they will reach, it would have been past 10 o’ clock of night. So they didn’t want to take any chance to spend on overtime driver bata, they may need to pay.

Hence no more shopping or any supposed stoppage.

They entered the Bangalore town at 9:35 pm. Only 25 minutes remained to touch the risk line of 10 pm to save spending on driver’s bata. They discussed themselves in ‘English’, the shortest route, such that everyone can be reached to home within time frame. To them, he seemed to be driving slower to touch the tall needle of clock at 12, before people can reach home.

He sensed their feeling to avoiding touching the 10’o clock risky mark. Now he did not over take other vehicles as he used to do during the trip. The slowed vehicle gave the clear indication of his slowed spirit, which was high when droved the steep heights of slippery roads of Coorg.

Its true, spending of one is the earning of other, mutually interlinked. If it goes smooth, the same money valuation increases.

If, the stagnant money saved, when gives the joyous feeling of earning, gives rise to mutual dissatisfaction. On the other hand, generally, where a driver doesn’t expect the tips, he has a nice way to earn Rs. 150/- as overtime driver bata.

It was 9:55 pm and the last person reached home. The driver was asking for some tips / driver bata. They showed him the time in watch and paid the amount except bata.

They spent Rs. 7,000/- on a really safe and joyful tour and saved Rs. 150/- from driver bata. The 5 persons saved Rs. 30/- each!

He closed the doors of vehicle and was returning home after 3 days.



  1. Why is there this atttitude when we know its nothing to us but means a lot to the other? Maybe the way we will bargain with a rikshawpullerer for 5 Rs but wont mind spending 500 bucks on anything non sense called “hanging out”!

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