Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 5, 2006

Madhubani Paintings -1

Before I proceed, I shall like to share my happiness with all my readers that my last post was true.

The blessings worked well and I am fine with His Grace. One Another Madhubani Painting
As per daily routine, I climbed the stairs again. At the intermediate space between the stairs there are big well framed Madhubani paintings in the building. Generally I looked them as any other decoative Madhubani paintings. On day I stopped near to the intermediate area of stairs and tried to look into the Madhubani painting minutely. At the bottom were signature of "Bachcho Devi" in Hindi as if some neo-literate had written in curve handwriting. I was surprised that the paintings, which I used to take granted, were genuine and painted on natural papers.

Great !! The cultural soul of Bihar on sparkling Bangalore walls adding to the beauty of place.

The theme of painting – Maa Durga and Mahisasur Vadha. Its the first time, I was seeing the painting in real and painted with such great craftmanship. Although I know about the paintings and their characteristics. The colours used are probably all natural. Painter has used red, violet , brown, blue and green generously.

I have a lot of praise for Madhubani paintings. Hence my respect to the interior decorator who used these paintings with such a love.



  1. Hey Prem,

    Nice to read about madhubani painting. Which walls did you find them on?

    Madhubani paintings are really great in their subtlety and smoothness of drawing and portrayal of the theme. I love them not only because they belong to my area ut also because it reflects the natural talent of so many untrained artists

  2. Hi Prashant,
    These are the walls which shows the world best out of the person and nurtures it, as they have given the space to the paintings.

    Really you should feel proud being from the land of artistic excellence.

    We shall popularize the art to help those innocent artists whose brush strokes tell a full story in colours.

  3. Madhubani Paintings 🙂

    Here we called it Mithila Painting 🙂

    You find paingings in everything….

    cards to posters,

    Bed sheets to table mats

    posts, morror etc……


    It has something different and uniqeness 🙂

  4. beautiful. I want to use poems,recitation and words of creation to make it more semiotic.

  5. @Satyabrata,

    Okey!! In fact it will be an opportunity on my part to do something like. The second post in the series, I will try this sure.

  6. I see Madhubani as untrained but a talented artwork done by the uneducated but skilled hands of the local women. And what I love about this painting is – use of bright colours – specially the primary colours they make paintings too cheerful, fascinating, bright and attractive, the ideas or say the theme of the paintings – daily life, marriage, festivals etc., and the perfection in a way of making Madhubani paintings but yet unperfect in proportional and symmetric way but we can’t remain untouched by the harmony and balance in colours, theme, expressions, emotions and feelings of the paitings.

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