Posted by: Prem Piyush | December 9, 2005

Shares of etiquettes , I bought

Hi my dear readers,
The reasons of mine last months absence have been revolving around me, my career as well as my family responsibilities. A lot of lessons, I have learnt in this period. I shall share them with you all. Ultimately my aims of writings are to benefit myself and/or my readers. The first topic, I do like to touch is basic etiquettes, the common man must have. Not being a Bengali guy (usually Bengalis give much emphasis to it) but as our oriental cultural outcome is there, which beautifies the life. The etiquettes cost nothing but gives back in lump. The base of etiquettes is respecting the other person. The net culture is not lacking it, but there are basic tendency of few people, due to which they miss a lot. I am not telling about calling me Prem ji or something like it. Even if they call me %#$# , I will be comfortable. But that too should be genuine and if with sufficient comments, then the better.

Then the topic of absence and etiquettes — the relationship may not be clear to you. Actually in my absence I have benefited a lot with the asset of mine. But apart from the cyber- world, the real world gives you back more with this asset (yes, more than what you can expect). I am richer now. No one can steal it. The polite and natural behaving to the other, as if another is your family member is the key.


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