Posted by: Prem Piyush | October 2, 2005

A letter to Anjan da

Milan Pally, Kishanganj,
Gandhi Jayanti, 2005.

Dear Anjan da,

Hope my letter finds you in your ever ready smile and spirit. I am delighted after getting your marriage invitation card. From Mariani, it reached me quite early such that I could have made all the journey arrangements in time. Kartick da shall be joining you, along with her better half as he told me over the phone. I am missing this golden opportunity to join you all at the marriage ceremony on 17th October because of my already planned schedule to Bangalore. Hope you shall understand it. And I can recall my wishes to shake my leg on Assamese music with widened hands at your wedding. I am missing to visit my well learned uncle, beloved aunt, scientist jamaibabu and jolly sisters and your traditional silk handicraft and of course the pan-betel nut.

If I were there ,you would have called my name with your same lengthy tone …Prrreeem…..which mixes more sweetness to my name. Your better half would have learnt the same thing from you and she might have called me the same way with her lady voice Prrreeeem or something like this. Ah…. I am missing something.

I shall like to congratulate my Pallabi boudi for her luck and an excellent unified life ahead. And to you, I shall like to suggest that after you get married please serve her morning tea as you used to do for us and share her household chorus too.

My best wishes for the couple. May the love’s sweet valley bloom and the fragrance spreads everywhere.

Your brother,



  1. So it’s your letter to you Anjan Da :). I want to congratulate to him for his happy married life.

    🙂 Silky Moon

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  4. That’s a sweet letter…do convey best wishes on my behalf as well

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  6. Seems you are busy

    🙂 Silky Moon

  7. Wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous Deewali 😀 🙂

    🙂 Silky Moon

  8. Wish you a Very Happy and a safe Diwali

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