Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 28, 2005

Selling magazines @ Sellable item

Last week, a popular national read magazine conducted so called all India survey on urban single women and sex. The book shops already sold integral times of the copies over normal circulation, in a rough estimate. Most of the stalls might have a shortfall too. In that particular issue, my current affairs topics were only two in numbers, that too not very important, I could not feel the need to buy the issue after paying Rs. 5 more than the earlier issues.

The changing lifestyle of urban people was studied. The magazine discussed the matter with the celebrities frankly (whether they did voluntarily or well paid, I don’t know). Of course some politics was also played on the statements of celebrities in some regions.

For lakhs of readers the issue might have been a source of information. Let’s see whether the magazine has the same concern to publicise the recent laws which state the making internal commitees to look-after sufferings of women at the unsafe workplaces and implementaion of section 12, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23 and the non boilable section 31 which safeguards the sanctity of household women from other members of the family. Being a national read magazine, which presents various national issues well, I shall like to suggest them to take consideration of the millions of passive partners living in the rural India too and to check about the reality about the baby making machines and bonded labourers.

What surprised me was, the way the marketing and advertisement was done for that particular issue in a planned way to increase the popularity of the magazine as well the price from the issue onwards. In marketing point of view, the time when FDI on foreign print media is going to be up to 74%, the strategy of company is not bad. The soaps of saas-bahus and sleazy remix songs all are doing the same thing, using the specific sex as commodity to sell more commodities like detergent, paste and shampoos of MNCs.

Who is being liberated: the common women or the economy of media companies?



  1. You were missing for many days and when you come there are a post every day :-O.

    O.K. Let me read all of them and come with comment later on 🙂

    : ) Silky Moon

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