Posted by: Prem Piyush | September 2, 2005

The useful plants of home garden -1

There have been autochthonous medicine practices in rural society, which uses herbs to heal the ailments and can be used as cosmetics too. There are credible facts that the geographical regions, which contain most prevailing diseases/problems also naturally grow the respective herbs to cure the same. There are many of them which can be grown in household pots too. Many of them can be excellent decorative plant also.

Aloe – Vera
Aloe Vera’s (Ghritkumari ) thick big leafs makes it a distinct looking decorative plant in house garden. The leaves contain pulp which can be used as an excellent moisturizer. The pulp is colourless, odourless and feels slippery. The pulp dissolves with the skin immediately. To use it, cut out half a inch of the leaf and take out the inside pulp to moisten the skin of the washed and dry face. Apart from keeping “any kind of skin” glowing, this natural moisturizer is absolutely safe to use. Rosy effect If your garden have rose plant, take out few petals from the side of the roses and squeeze out the juice to mix with the Aloe-Vera pulp on the palm before applying on the skin. You can immediately feel the coolness and fragrance over the skin for the day long.

Thanda effect
Aloe-Vera is an excellent coolant too. Many of the elderly person, who may feel several headache or hotness over the head, may apply the pulp on the head and feel the cooling effect. Among our garden pots, once a construction labour identified the Aloe-Vera bushes. He had been searching for it for several months for his ailing wife with head-ache. He requested for a part of the leaf. Like many others he was cordially thankful to the plant.

It can be planted like any other common flower plant. A little sapling after maturing augments several buds. Once successfully planted, the Aloe-Vera does not require much care except regular water ( but not daily). It’s good if you can change the soil of the pot once in a year. My Maa’s enthusiasm with the Aaurvedic medicines and my affinity with such plants helped to grow several Medicinal plants including the Aloe-Vera bushes in our small garden, which contain kilos of moisturizer pulp !


  1. Wow! it’s really nice post and informative.

    We called it Gheu Kumari.

    Waise, not seeing around. Where are you?

    🙂 Silky Moon

  2. You remember my url na?

    Silky Moon

  3. Nice info. Unfortunately, we live in flats with space for garden. Lucky you!

  4. Not seeing around… not even any updates… seems you are busy. anyway take care 🙂

    🙂 Silky Moon–>

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