Posted by: Prem Piyush | August 2, 2005

The couple like the Sky and the Earth

“There may be a local feeling of above and below for the sky and the earth. From the far distance, in this infinite space, any sense of greatness is purely useless. Obviously, the finiteness of each entity is visible in the cosmos. Having this finiteness, the sense of worthlessness is also impractical because each of us have some element of each entity.

Within practical human visual limits, we see that the earth and the sky meet at the distant horizons. Should we go endless miles in search of the perfect beautiful horizon? At last the homo-sapiens, with the near-far-above-below thought web at may get hopeless.

It’s beautiful nature, where slow evaporation from the earth forms the clouds, their concentration, within them the sudden lightening-thunders, but for what? – to rain back on the earth. The wonderful water cycle. Similarly the sky forms the protective layers, absorbing harmful rays from outside before they can enter the earth’s surface.

I think if really if two beautiful wonders of the God exist, I must say that, just above the earth’s surface, the existence of the sky starts. The fact is, the mutual existence of the earth with the sky makes it an unique entity in the universe.”



  1. Yes, a beautiful couple – Sky & Earth. Yes, you are right that they both are bound with each other in a way that there mutual existence makes it an unique entity in the universe.

    Beautiful right up.

    Hey come and read my first attempt in Hindi

    Silky Moon 🙂

  2. Seems you are busy. No up dates and not seeing around….

    🙂 Silky Moon

  3. Silky ji,
    Oh yes you are true, Wait for a dahej post..–>

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