Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 26, 2005

Premchand’s 125th birthday celebrations

The magician of pen, Munshi Premchand’s 125th birthday प्रेमचंद falls on 31st July this year. His writings are the mirror of contemporary literature as well as the society. Most of my readers might have read his one or more writings. I think on the net we too can celebrate his birthday. An initiative by me in Hindi blog.

Update: Today is 31st July, hence a birthday greeting card for Munshi Premchand.
Don’t miss the birthday party there.


  1. I’ve not read much of Munshi Prem Chand but few stories I read. I would love to read his Godan etc. Still lots to read 🙂

    🙂 Silky Moon

  2. Silky ji,
    I shall be posting the links available on the writings on Munshi Premchand for my readers.

    But my efforts will be useful only if every one can read Hindi on net as Manish ji is able to read now.

  3. Could not read it :(.

    Silky Moon

  4. Maine padha, Maine padha!

    Munshi Premchanda’s work would outlive centuries. No other writer, perhaps, has better depicted the true picture of the real India at that time. The India, that lived in villages!

  5. Silky ji,
    If you mean that you are unable to read Hindi then do click the “Cann’t see Hindi icon”, that shall help you.

    Manish ji,
    Permit me to strengthen your “perhap” to “certainly”.

  6. I could not see the Icon. and Hindi text came as small bar and number and English text can read.

  7. Anonymous ( Are you Silky ji or some jinda bhut?),
    Anyway, those icons are situated at the side bar of my blog. Anyway I am giving the links here

    Moreover, if you are using windows 98 and internet explorer 5, you have to change the settings for viewing Hindi text.

  8. Yes, it’s me :). Silky Moon

  9. have read a few of Premchand’s short stories (when I was in school) and read his novel ‘Gaban’ it’s simply amazing…incredible the way he is able to bring out the problems of the common man… do u have e-books of Premchand?

  10. Sangeeta ji,
    Of course, I am going to give many links very soon. Keep visiting the blog.

  11. gee thanks….i really like his books..

  12. Hi,

    I am a theatre actor and do plays based on stories written by Munshi Premchand. We do plays everyweek. For more information visit our site


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