Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 16, 2005

Poverty alleviation and Employment generation

The scores of Indians are living in the slums. This part of the social strata is actually the cheap labour available in the Metros. Interestingly, this labour rate is higher than they earn at the agricultural activities at the villages. The two third of working population, dependent on the agricultural activities are crucial target of our poverty alleviation programs. This poverty ridden population is the base of unemployed population too. Now instead of joining poverty and unemployment together as gigantic problem, it must be seen the directly proportional to each other.

The first and foremost attention should be the growth of agriculture sector to raise the living standards of the farmers, to increase the rural economy and hence strengthen the domestic market of industrial and service sector products. Our industrial and service sector could not tap this large population.

The government is conscious for the poverty alleviation programs with the financial and administrative support. It’s commitment towards these programs are shown in rural credit delivery system, minimum guaranteed employment scheme, and several other centrally funded (funding the larger part) and stately executed programs. The seven basic social services (1) safe drinking water ; (2) primary health services; (3) primary education; (4) public housing to the shelter less; (5) mid-day meals in the rural areas; (6) connectivity to the villages; and (7) public distribution scheme for the poor have been recognized by the government.

Now as the self governance i.e. Panchayati Raj and the Municipal bodies have been given constitutional status by the Parliament in 1992, the public bodies have started participating in the development works and schemes declared. These also have led to local employment scopes and local decision making to improve the life standard.

The objectives to lower the poverty level are well recognized schemes are well drawn, if transparency is made sufficient from the top level to bottom level, the massive capacity building efforts of self governance shall help the goal ultimately.



  1. Well thought out post. And most of the India it seems has forgotten the rural India.

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