Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 15, 2005

That’s not government responsibility !

Most of the people in the public life credulously blame the government for the happenings around them. Their disavowal leads to a social strata which makes them subjects rather than the participants.The arrogant public’s diatribe against the officers and the representative can be often heard.

A discerning visualization towards such confined thinking can be tracked back to the less participation in the oligarchy. The fatalism of the people as a subject of the ruler is transferred from past generation to the present one. Before attaining the independence, amidst the monarchy, the respective ministers and officers used to be the providers of conducive services to the fellow citizens. Of course in parallel that led to burgeoning red tap-ism too. And the people remain adherent to their tendency. This thing continued to the regime of the English rulers.

The government, as said to be a guilty of culpable neglect, can’t be justified for long. Till today, after more than 55 years of independence the common people did not understood the meaning of active participation in the governing bodies. The lacking diffidence need to be revitalized. The levity in the decision making process of the pressure groups of the society requires revitalization. Instead of wild ramblings the actions of the common man need to be concentrated to improve and cooperate the governing bodies. When the collective effort of the people militate the unscrupulous happenings around, the constructive sapient citizens will live.



  1. Good work! The sketches are great.

  2. Sandeep ji,
    Thanks a lot!
    The fact is your presence makes my
    drawings meaningful.

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