Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 13, 2005

Hindi – English Divorce

Till now, I have been posting the same Hindi material at two places, first in this blog and another dedicated Hindi blog, प्रेमपीयूष . Now onwards my “Hindi men hee gitir-pit”, i.e. my Hindi writings shall appear only at the later although the respective links will be given here too as I am doing now.
1. As soon as Anugunj-11 was announced I wrote my views and unlike last times, I was the second participant. Its reviewed here in the Akshargram.
2. My new poem चिट्ठाकार मंडली is published there.
3. To repeat, Nirantar has published my poem.

Manish ji, I am extremely happy that you will be able to read all of my post in Hindi blog.


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