Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 7, 2005

Bloggers’ translating efforts

Blogosphere have abundant novice writers like me who can appear as translator too. Unlike professional translators, I may have immaturity in translating the material of other language into English. The critiques start appearing but does that mean that I should stop doing so?

In our Indian subcontinent, we have a legacy of writings by the spiritual and literary marvels. In all the languages spoken at the sea shores of Kanyakumari to mighty Himalayas and from Gulf of Kuchh to the state of rising sun, we have a lot of excellent materials worth reading and capable of motivate our thinking. We have icons ranging from Thiruvalluvar to Bhanu Bhakta and Kabirdas to Najrul Islam. To our advantage, English can be used to translate all kinds of their creations, of course with limitations.

Many of us, with our precious time and painstaking efforts do such translations. The reason behind such efforts is to make the material more understandable for the broader range of readers. Now the appreciators are good to encourage us. On the other hand, there may be critiques too. In such cases, it’s better to request them to come up with improved versions of translations.

In the same context let me reproduce a doha .

निन्दक नियरे राखिये, आँगन कुटीर छवाय,
बिन साबुन पानी बिना, निर्मल करे सुहाय ।

Keep and take care of the critiques, if possible make a hut for them in front of your home. They shall clean and polish your personality without using any soap and water.

During our blogging efforts, such literary contributions, if translated, gives the satisfaction of work. Perfection needs consistency and relentless efforts. If started today, say after 20 years, we shall reach the maturity level, I do hope so. Currently we shall be satisfied with our efforts of understanding and reproducing the literary gems.

May the coming generations make a better structure on the foundation laid today.


  1. Well may be you are just speculating on the meaning !, told Rhicha the same. N I guess as it is a open space, you should very well accept critiques if you are mature enough, the very moment you feel stressed with it, the reason may be coz you have crave for appreciation, that would show the need to grow in your ‘within’, its just is the way you perceive it.. glass is half full or half empty … what do you say sir !

  2. Straightcut,

    Welcome to my blog!

    Although your name seems to be an anonymous, but I am certain you are another human like me at some other end.

    But assume here that I don’t agree with your suggestion, as an effect, with your principles, you may be neutral.

    And if with my principles I give you the adequate reasons where I differ with you, of course you will feel less stressed.

    Critiques are better heard, when they contain adequate suggestions and/or corrections.

    Regarding glass example I have to say that “to feel a fullness of a glass it’s necessary to feel the emptiness of the same glass too or vice-versa”.

    Anyway we criticize/praise only to things we care for.

  3. Hey It’s really really nice doha. But by whom? And your translation is perfect. And the post is really good. I agree with you what you said .

    And your reply to Strightcut .

    People should appreciate ones work and effort, if they are not they have to come up with better work of their own to prove them. It reminded me one quote by Salman Rushdie. “A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return.” Thus is thoughts and translations.

  4. Rhicha ji,
    The translation work is started as a mission by the Hindi lovers and based on the doha Straightcut is our friend hope he shall be with us.
    About the exact writer of the doha , once I am sure, I shall write.
    A quotable Salman really !

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