Posted by: Prem Piyush | July 4, 2005

Siliguri as Special Economic Zone

Siliguri, the gateway of North-East India can be a primary candidate for the Special Economic Zone in West Bengal. The coveted climate, which people long for, is because of the downtown of Hill station, Darjeeling. siliguri.htm

Although it used to be the practicing ground of the credos of Leftist leaders. But as long as the Union commerce and industries minister is courtly with the state government in establishing the own labour rules, the possibilities are better. The SEZ Bill passed in lok sabha devoid of the clause which “ directing that any Act relating to trade unions, industrial and labour disputes, welfare of labour, including conditions of work , provident fund, employers’ liability, workman’s compensation, invalidity, old age pensions does not apply to SEZ”. The left government’s capitalist inclination to improve the FDI in the West Bengal is the positive symbol to keep the state economy on the even keel. If the leftist leaders discuss the labour laws in SEZ without the levity, the situations shall improve. On the reverse front, the pecuniary matters of company workers if better implemented with the interest of employees, it shall be semblance of the global work place as it’s implemented in China’s investment hubs.



  1. Me First 😀

    Thanks for coming to my page and commenting.

    I had come long back too immediately after your visit but then I could not post my comment as it was not allowing me.

    You wrote about Siliguri!!!??? Where are you from?

  2. Rhicha ji,
    Tapaiko swagat !
    Actually I have a lot of affinity for the town, I stayed there for nearly six years. The way the town is growing with it’s cosmopolitan nature and infrastructure is remarkable.
    I belong to Kishanganj, a Bihar town which is 2 hours south ward journey from Siliguri.

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