Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 7, 2005


The strings you once touched are vibrating.
The melody I hear on occasional touching.
The vibrations are nice but I fear, my dear.
The blame may be my fate, and I shall hear.

The accompany you give is known to me.
The reciprocation of faith thus shall I be.
The fear and drops of tear on cheek, I feel.
The eternal wishes are just enough to heal.

The usual creature is, guessing me though.
The fragile glass is your heart, I see through.
The appearance, I imagine may not be same.
The moon is not you, from earth you came.

The beaches, where I found you, are white.
The identity of you, should I ask it or write.
The sunshine I saw first was my birthday.
The lone man’s sand home gift didn’t sway.

The test of yours is tough to churn my nerves.
The winning is aim through valleys and curves.
The dedication is fuel for my soul and mind.
The sure victor I shall be as long thee is kind.


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