Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 3, 2005

The Deadly Virus

“A computer may be affected with any problem, it may be affected with deadly viruses too”, I told him. I had already planned what shall go next.

“We keep our room clean, how can virus affect that”, Saran babu affirmed me.

UNIX virus is a quite distant possibility but I had scented the possibility of more cleanliness and a chance to get them rid off their habit of occasional wearing of shoes in the UNIX server room.

“The computer virus can affect the hard disk and ultimately your computer can be useless”, I made my point strong “You may be carrying the shoes inside the computer room and sure be touching the keyboard with dirty fingers”.

“Is these things enough to carry virus to the computer” he enquired and become anxious.

“Please don’t allow strangers to enter the room and maintain the cleanliness of the room every possible way to avoid the viruses”, I consulted him as an expert.

It was actually a only minor problem in the cable.

And afterwards the computers and the room got extra cleanliness.


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