Posted by: Prem Piyush | June 3, 2005

Come on my cohorts

First time our Hindi bloggers’ famous Anugunj has invited the entries in other languages too, I don’t understand Urdu but sure is English or Bengali or Nepali . Please mew, shout, whisper, scold, roar or even bark after participating there.Akshargram Anugunj No prizes, but only writing is important there not the presentation or mastery over the language. We discusss some of the contemporary topics in a informal way and the organizer reviews each of them at last. If you are unable to read Hindi there, try the following.

If Hindi unreadable characters are there then select them all and paste at the left box present here to translate —> Click the top most button between the boxes and —-> See the actual Hindi poem in right box. Thank you.


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