Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 30, 2005

Sweet, Sweat and Orkut

First let me tell that everything is fine at home. As being an elder of someone gives you respect as well as responsibility especially when your loved ones believe in your abilities. And the superpower is the driving force and we are the dolls to follow the conscience.Your wishes have worked fine like past.
My present stay at home has own benefits at least to the satisfaction of my parents as an obedient child. Why not avail the closeness of bosom of mother, the shadow of father before I leave to more painful world again. Of course their blessings will be with me and I shall leap forward much faster in that world too. A silence captivates me while I think about the missing of their daily company like most of you feel.

Next are the toughest lessons of my profession underway, as my aim of life, in the system, which needs to improve much faster.

At last, yesterday I have tried Orkut registration to fail, which tells that someone must invite me there. Please invite me there if someone can.
And no thanks in advance from me because its a some kind of network and surely will benefit you too ( No wonder it’s my joking habit without using similes).


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