Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 10, 2005

Dreams of the Midnight

The dreams are the integral part of any person’s sleep. The rapid eye movements (REMs) inside the closed eyes are the evident of it. Some of them are remembered till morning but mostly forgotten. Some of them are capable enough to shake up the bed and the person will start trembling. Some are funny and some are inspiring. Some dreams come as the daily routine too.

Let’s come to my childhood. During the childhood almost before the exams, several times I saw that my pen got stuck in the class and other students submitted their answer sheets. Have been taught that one must revise the answers till last seconds available, I never submit the answer paper before the last bell rung even if my paper is complete quite before. The reason of my dreams can be tracked back to exam-awareness and any remaining preparation and this was reflected by the sub-conscious brains.

Now a days dreams like unable to run on track and unable to write on exams have stopped. During my project months, I used to debug my JSP codes in dreams and had got up several times in the sleep. Now a day the nature of dreams has changed and they got decorated more with the positive attitude.

But before some important event of life, the dreams do give messages to me. Just previous night of the interview of my present job, I saw a positive indication dream too. I hided the dream from everyone until I got the final joining letter. Like me everyone may have interesting as well as funny or fearsome dreams too. May someone have dreams of future life, career, partner and so on. One’s dreams may be the complement of the dream of other person too. Thus it’s human nature that we shall like to share the dreams and feel easy. And we the have the liberty to present the dreams in poetry too.

Jokes apart! Now come to a dream of one of my fellow blogger, who use to see it regularly. He needs the explanation of the particular dream. You may follow the link below. The post is written in Hindi and you may give your comments there in English too if you wish to do so. You may tie-up your seat belts too.


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