Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 8, 2005

Life is beautiful

Suppose a needy student came to you for the necessary guidance in his exam papers. You guided him in the precious morning hours. He could not pay his fees regularly. One day you hear that he turned out as the topper in the paper you guided. Are not you paid more than the money!

Suppose you told a semi-stranger about some address and the way to reach there and the way he should perform at the destination house. Next day you hear that he reached there and followed exactly what you told. Are not you paid more than thanks!

Suppose you are writing constantly and find that there are rare comments on the posts. You kept writing. Incidentally one day statistics tell that there are readers who rarely miss to read you. On the busiest day too one finds out time to read you before leaving the office. Are not precious words than comments written!

Suppose one night you are running on your station platform along with the stranger couple who have a kid too, to carry their luggage from last coach to the first coach. As soon as they got into, the train started and they could not even see you back. Years after at a metropolitan station, your mother and sister with a heavy luggage are desperate to buy the ticket. A stranger guy who was standing nearby offered to help them. And he bought them the desired ticket and left the place. Are not you paid more than gratitude from the couple with the kid !

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