Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 5, 2005

Bihar – the write thing ! (8) – Health Services

At our district civil hospital a dead body wrapped in grass and polyethylene was carried. At the Bihar government hospitals most doctors used to be absent during the duty hours but busy in the private clinic practices. In the present President’s rule they are forced to be there on duty. So the dead body was laid on the bench and by the resident surgeon the necessary check ups were going on before the postpartum with the ready sharp knives. What he found that the dead body’s pulse was still vibrating. The so called dead body waked up after necessary saline and medication.

Imagine how many live bodies might have been killed in absence of qualified medical professional and postpartum used to be mere a paper work and dissection only. Long live president’s rule in Bihar!

Believe it or not but it’s a fact.

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