Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 3, 2005

Beautiful ring tones for students

Tring…Tring… Tring…Tring…

Today morning, I never expected that this was a phone call from our respected Rakesh K. Sinha sir. His earlier phone calls has been coming from his school. But this was a local call, he was at our bus stand. If any of you have been to Darjeeling or North-East India you must have crossed the gateway of North-East India, my town Kishanganj. It’s guaranteed that your train or bus shall stop here. Let me know early if some of you pass through this way. He was returning from Darjeeling (Siliguri). Same thing sir knew and got here down. Just to meet his Prem. It was his second visit. Earlier he came here as an invigilator some 12 years ago !

They are the teachers whose small things become inspirational lines. His guidance makes the person like me jack of all trades and Master in Computer Applications. His have a fine network of students. Accompanying him was my gurumata aunt, who bears a million dollar smile. Holi events are cogent evidence of her fine cooking ability.

Even after so many years, he has not changed even a bit. He have the same youth, same energy accompanied with same simplicity. These are teachers who inspire me to wear Bata Jubilee instead of Woodland shoes. They are teachers who made me book grasshoppers (worms, I don’t like). They perfected me as the public speaker. How can I forget the days when he used to lead of our Team-Navodaya to Durga Bari competitive events? Only winning is not a matter for him. What concerns him most is whether his participants showed his full potential or not. Still today his complaint is that I am not a proper place where I should be. Not only this, he has valuable suggestions for me.

He is one of the few persons who can tell boldly about the improvements can be done in me. This is the best thing which I liked in him or anybody else in this world. They are the teacher ground to earth but staying above it.


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