Posted by: Prem Piyush | May 2, 2005

The Team Leader – 4

Continued from the previous post….

As the team work progresses, the team leader is responsive to the spectator group who are eager to know the results. During this time the leader must show the positive progress of the team to the audience. In case the progress is negative, the audience needs to be made receptive to the bad news. The factors affecting the progress of the team must be conveyed to them in a proper way.

The responsibility is great on him when he is questioned about the delay or failure of the project. At those difficult times he is the first person to take the whole responsibility on himself on behalf of his team. In the projects it’s understood that there may be few hurdles as inefficient workers or insufficient resources or improper planning or so on. But to the spectator group should not be told about the delicate details unless it’s the last resort. Even if it’s necessary to divulge the details, the description should be in the brief form which is meaningful to them only. In these cases the team leader with the garland of abasement still needs to share his pain with his team members. Since the way the team leader took the whole pains on himself, a good team is equally or more painful. Many a times the humiliation bore by the team leader gets converted into fury and this traverse as the cascading effect towards the lower rung of the team, one affecting to the others.

This is one of the critical times for him, keeping all the pains in him. He should talk about the necessary parts of improvements within the team and this way the team feels the dimensions of perfection with the leader. Among the team members there are again individual motivators too. These hardworking motivators are driving force for the other members. At the tough times these motivators needs to be planed individually and their energy need to be boosted.

Now after the failures the team members may feel gloomy for the tiresome work and deadline. In those times the monotony is not bad but the leader needs to be closer with them in those late hours. Even the members are working fine; he is expected to work with the weak members of the team for a while. These individual interactions work wonders. Few praise words and sharing of the works makes the working environment productive.

The project days goes on this way and finally the day comes when the project reaches the peak and is near completion. The day-night cycle is unified to wait for some beautiful morning.

Hopefully the project ends up successfully. The sweat changes into tears and aching muscles wants to relax and they want to rejoice now.

The leader declares the completion of the project to his audience. The leader owes the victory to his team members. The special individual efforts of the members which can be accepted by everyone are brought in front of them too. Now the flowers of the bouquet given to him are distributed by him among his team members and he dreams for the next project in his eyes.



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