Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 30, 2005

The Team Leader – 3

Continued from the previous post….

The team leader should be the closest person of each of the team member. In his company, everyone should feel at ease. As the members will be able to convey their problems regarding their project part to the leader, more the coordination can be done among them. Now a problem may come, the particular team member may consult the team leader more frequently, for the problems the particular member can do himself. At that time it’s first need for the team leader to make the person confident enough to tackle the problem himself. Hence this time it should be checked whether the member understood the problem correctly or not. If the actual problem lies in understanding then it’s better to ask the member himself and give a probable solution and encourage him to find out some similar or better solution. There is a good possibility that the member shall be able to suggest the best solution (The leader might have guessed it earlier in the mind but did not tell him at once). Now since the thought process is created by the member himself there is little chance that he shall stuck in the mid way.

For the members, who are self immersed in their work, the team leader, apart from watching the progress in their work, must ask for the necessary resources needed to them which shall augment their work. These members being immersed in their work, shall use only the resources available to them and eager to finish their work. These people’s requirements need to be fulfilled at the earliest possible even if they feel shy or fear to ask for it. The moral of such workaholics boosts after getting the better resources.

There are yet another type of members who are pretty good at the work but moody about their work. It’s a peculiar thing that these moody persons are the owner of some of the very special abilities. Hence it’s necessary to churn up the best juice out of their best mood. Since these persons if given full liberty may affect the other members too, their work load should be increased on their own wish. And their wish can be catalyzed after showing them the real need of their abilities and the success of the project depending on them. The forceful or cleverly increasing the load is not good in the long term.

The periodical spending of the time with the team members is useful and good for the project. Many a times the team leader should also know about the probable personal needs about the members. The leader should also show his concern about the needs personally to the members without let other members know about the details. The personal needs of the members and deadlines of the project, there is already a see-saw in the member’s mind. Just telling about the deadlines when the mind is busy about thinking the personal needs will decrease the productivity. Balancing the see-saw is first need hence the personal concerns should be shared if needed. Later on before when the member is about to leave in the mid way, the concerned friends of the member should be convinced to share the duties. While leaving the project the concerns of the member should be shared by the leader and he should wish him the successful finish of the personal vacation.

To be continued…..


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