Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 29, 2005

The Team Leader – 2

Continued from the previous post….

The fine members, who are the pivots of the team, understand the challenges coming ahead in a better way on behalf of the team leader. Convincing them is not very difficult. Rather when they are told that after believing on the strength laying within them the project is undertaken, their moral goes high. If they provide their support like they had given in the earlier projects, the goal can be achieved. When these members are asked about the actual challenges, which may come during the execution and given the adequate space to talk, they shall come up with pretty good ways to deal with them too. Now dictating is easy but the distribution of duties among them requires tactical handling.

First some of them themselves will choose up some self-interested duties. Suppose Mr. X choose out some task T1. Here the leader has one thing in mind that the T5 is yet another new important task which can be performed by a competent person like Mr. X. Hence the importance of the task T5 can be described and made him feel that he is the best person to do that. Since the new project taken requires more output from the existing team members than earlier, the competent members also need to be kept at ease. It’s important for them too that the work-life balance should be sound and productive. Next there comes an important task of utilizing the less enthusiastic members. Here less means that the person has equal capability as others but what he lacks is the will power. Every person has some hidden unutilized qualities. In teams, the positive comparison of the person with other competent person privately, may make him feel the hidden capacities within him. “Mr. Y, we think, you too can do this important part of the project. Shall we expect from you that you shall take this important responsibility? For the problems which shall come on the way, we are ready to help you”. Most probable if the person have the good understanding with the team leader, he shall be ready to take the new task. Now if the relations had turned sour in the past the best thing is to settle the misunderstandings down earlier than taking the project up. Another way is to bring him in the main stream after starting the afresh friendly talks and ask him before giving some new responsibility such a way that the past vanishes. This shall give satisfaction to him and his self respect. Now it’s possible that he may consider the friendliness as a clever action of the leader. Let him feel that but it should be remembered that providing him adequate ventilation and love shall bring him down to earth. Every human needs that. Some persons who are just routine workers and avoid taking the new responsibility give them some not so important jobs. Now search for the some down stair energetic members, it’s the best time to bring them up. And give them some challenging duties.

To be continued…..


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