Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 28, 2005

The Team Leader –1

In any organization the first person who undertakes the decisions on behalf of his men is the team leader. He may be a leader of 15 people or a CEO. He may have a boss on the hierarchy or at least the most common man as the common citizens or shareholders to whom he is responsible. The organization has a purpose and zeal to complete some goal.

For any important decision or tasks undertaken, the person who needs to put the foot forward first is the team leader. I am discussing mainly about the situation when the responsibility taken at hand is beyond the total shown capacity of the team members in the past. Now the leader comes back and lets the team know about his decision. The first reaction shall be almost a surprise for the enthusiastic members and an underestimation of the outcome by not so enthusiasts. And for the leader the main goal is just to complete the taken task. The tasks distribution becomes most challenging then. The responsibilities given to individual team members earlier need to be exchanged, overloaded or need to be lessened.

To be continued….

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