Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 23, 2005

Good Morning Kolkata

Unlike my previous arrivals at Sealdah, today morning I arrived at Howrah Station. These two stations are Kolkata’s main stations. No station is name after Kolkata, I don’t know why is it so.
So the morning recalled the episode of those girls when we reached here from Yaswantpur-Howrah around one and half years back.

Near to my Psychopharmacology Department of NIMHANS, Bangalore where I was for my MCA project work, in nearby department there used to be two girls from West Bengal. Only after several months, I got introduced to them. At the distant place, the language, domicile, interests become the unifying factor. Only a few times we met at the cafeteria.They seemed to be well reached reserved personalities unlike girls of other states. Since my involvement in project was even in Sundays, the lab addict like me never bothered for chats with them other than just occasional Hi-Hello. To me my work preceded any thing else. I finished my project there.

Just it was the coincident that the day and the train they were leaving Bangalore was same as mine. That too I knew, when their girl friend from their department informed me the day before my leaving the department in a formal chat.
When I reached Yashwantpur(Bangalore) station, it was midday. I saw them from the distance on the station but restrained from meeting them for sake of my self-respect. The train moved on. The journey from Yaswantpur to Howrah is quiet long. They were in A.C. and me in poor sleeper. Around 7 pm, my not so poor soul shed away the self-respect and thought, let meet them if they were in some need. So I reached them. On seeing me, they were surprised. My belief was correct as one of them was having severe fever and she caught cold too. She was having blankets even in the cold A.C. She did not have medicines too. Me too don’t have the habit of carrying common medicines on journey. Only then I felt the need of carrying them in journey. After talking a while I came back. She suffered the night and only in the day when Vishakhapatnam junction came and where the train halts for around 20 minutes, I got down and bought medicines from the pharmacist on the station as per their request. Around evening she was fine and we were at the Howrah station morning. They were to go Durgapur after one hour and me in the same day evening. After their train arrived I too went to see them off, not because they were girls. If they were guys too I could have farewell them because they are leaving early. I said a formal bye and bye forever.

Neither they needed my email nor I asked from them ever. I was happy to cover my journey with human attitude. I did not hoped for any gratitude sign from them. Even till now I don’t have any complains against them. I think that if they happened to be guys the situation would have been different, I am sure. I should have remained the same self-conscious person. Recently, again when I told a fellow bloggeress to display her email-id. I felt ashamed on my manhood and myself afterwards. That’s the life and life’s journey. I believe in the humanity’s short journey, which needs be good one and I work for it that’s all.

Anyway thanks the virtual world that read me till here. The town of Kolkata inspires my heart, which has a place for everyone from rag pickers to the most successful persons of the world. I shall remain Prem and set the world free to travel as it likes. The confession is let people not forget me after my journey ends.

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