Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 22, 2005

Lively Musical Instruments for Soul

Is it true that the only thing the God forgot to take from the earth is the live music?
In our Durga Puja occasions, the musical instrument, dhak is played at the puja premises. Two or more dhakis (the drummers) synchronize their drum beats to make the surrounding air vibrate. A small brass disc (Can someone tells the exact name?) is also played along with them by another person.

The common beats of the drum are something like this (The capitals are strong beats and small are comparatively lighter beats)

DHA…. DHAH…. DHADHAM ……♫ dha…. dha…. dhadham ….. ♫

I think the common beats of the dhak are the symbol of battle between goddess Durga and devil Mahisasur. In other words, this is symbol of the battle between the truth and the evil. There are some variants of the beats for other rituals in puja like Aarti, Dhupchi Naach. So other beats are in praise of goddess and some seems symbolizing the triumph of victory.

Since my childhood whenever I hear these synchronized vibrations, my soul seems to vibrate too. The vibrating air makes my soul dance. Hence my body seems to be synchronized with these beats too. The legs and hence body wants to dance with these beats. Since Durga Puja events continues for several days so on the last day, before departure of the goddess, I find my legs out of my control and after taking Dhupchis, I dance in front of the Goddess to my satisfaction.

Be it Puja or Marriage ceremonies, the lively music always seems to vibrate me. In marriage ceremonies, either I am on the bride’s side or the groom’s side, on arrival of baratis, the synchronized band party again pulls me to its center. At these times, such a ecstasy is unique and this feeling is incomparable with louder music systems at my home. Although, I never been a good dancer, I don’t like to hide my gaiety at the occasions of merriment. If I am not given some much important task for arrangements at the time, the beats of drums tie some invisible strings with my legs and the body over the legs vibrates. The human body seems to be like kathputlis( String attached dancing dolls). The invisible strings seem to be attached with some eternal power present on the vibrations of live musical instruments.


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