Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 20, 2005

The possible reasons of sleeping bloggers

I have made some toffee to revitalize the sleeping bloggers. Pick one or more …

1. You think and churn the topics to be written, of which you are not sure that what the readers will think of that.
2. You have not written a post since long back hence want to publish something special which shall be the best seller post.
3. You have already drafted the post in the notebook and doing a lot of rough work till today.
4. Your Internet hours are much precious or you are the busiest person in the blogger’s world.
5. Your fingers become tired of writing codes and debugging them.
6. You have formed a slow bloggers’ union in yahoo groups.
7. You always look for the auspicious day in calendar to write a post.
8. You think that your readers should see the same post for a month or more.
9. You wait until the total length of comments is longer than the length of the original post.
10. You are disappointed because none commented on your blog hence thought none read that.
11. Your teacher had taught you that one have two eyes (to see more) two ears (to hear more) and one mouth (to speak less) hence you tell less. But he/she might not have teach you that you have 10 fingers to write much more.
12. You forgot your blogging account password.

Of course you can add more …


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