Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 9, 2005

Ice vs. Fire

The Kashmir’s ice is enough soothing to the heart of every citizen of world. The ice when melts due to fire of guns turns into consistent tears. Kudos the diplomats of both countries who made the road link in the forbidden land. This is not only the road link but the invisible strong but fine strings tied between the separated lands. The borders created by us for so called countries and their self respect seemed permeable to our eternal feelings which relives beyond any boundaries. That’s abstract form of the ice, white and clear which every one of us like to posses, and which can’t think to harm anyone else on the earth.

On the other hand fire is powerful, no matter how small it is, even it’s a spark. It can spread more rapidly from one dry leaf to whole forest. Even if the forest leaves are not dry, the heat will make it dry and later burn it to ashes. It’s a symbol of power and ego and ownership. The hotness of fire is life if positive way. That’s an example is the Sun. But it’s effective and useful if it’s kept a distance and within control. Even sun’s heat is also available to any one half of the life only. That’s the beauty of fire. Its otherwise use is no way enhances the ordinary life.

They shot fires on the ice to melt it to disappear. And the ice melted and tears flown. But the targeted ice didn’t take much time to come out as the Bigger Ice Cubes in spite of fire. Of course the ice turned out cooler. Hope the coolness of ice spreads to every one of us.


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