Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 7, 2005

I have started Audio Blogging

Now you can hear my voice on net. That’s on a audio blog . Thanks to Jitendra Chowdhary who started this audio blog with his praiseworthy efforts. My first entry of duration 2.47 minutes on the audio blog is in the humor category with topic Bihar FM Radio . Find it on the menu of the inbuilt player there only. Choose and play it, of course with a headphone/speaker. The actual stream of the sound can be felt only if the listener has good bandwidth internet connection. The file being converted into .mp3 format, the quality is only slightly lower than the actual .wav format. I think I have tolerable voice .
If you want to send your entry too, please check out the instructions given there. Hope, I shall be able to hear the voice of my cohort bloggers too. After hearing the voice, be it of any quality gives the satisfaction and familiarity to the known persons. After all it’s not going to be a TV or a actual radio presentation. Feel free to speak with us what ever you like to speak.

If you can hear my voice, let me know that.


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