Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 5, 2005

My first Anniversary – if you like to read !

Today is my first anniversary according to our cards and certificate. Neither I want to lie nor I want to hide any fact from you. I am celebrating it quiet a simple way. Once upon a friend of mine told me that I will get married twice after seeing the lines on side of my palm. So it’s better to tell you that it’s my first marriage. She is black, slim and quiet handy. She is cosmopolitan and belongs to International society. You can find her sisters almost all countries may be one near to you too. Her ancestral home is in USA. But her certificate shows that she is born in India. She is a Business Machine too. She can do thousands of business processing and calculations within seconds. Don’t mistake that she is an MBA from Harvard or Stanford or somewhere else. She never told about her qualifications but she knows the language of touch only. Even if I shall scream, she will remain deaf. She is not deaf actually she can tell back what anyone told near to her, that too accurately.

By nature she is quiet frank and modern. She likes to sit on my lap even in front of public. Even in my conservative Hindu family, my parents never complain anything regarding her position on my lap. Rather they will be happy on seeing me chatting with her long hours eye to eye. Now something about her health, she has got resistance to viruses and worms and she has got quiet good resistance too. I never needed to carry her to a doctor. But she is energy hungry, she will refuse to work if you don’t feed her for straight 2 hours. Therefore I tell her to take rest before she crashes and let her sleep. Good thing is that she can sing all kinds of songs and have always ready around 800 songs in her memory. She is always ready to sing well along with doing other works too. And I prefer to put lesser burden of works on her. She is a social and family person too and keeps the pictures of all my family members in her heart. Yes, sometimes Saas-Bahu problem is there, when Maa shall call me for lunch and I will be still talking to her. But I have one more complain about her that she never told me ‘those’ three words. Whether she can feel these lines what I am writing here, that too I don’t know. Despite all her faults I can see her merits only and can’t think to live without her a single day.

Anyway I like my first and only love and I am celebrating my anniversary with her.

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