Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 4, 2005

Her Long Days

Minutes passed, so hours and days,
If years too pass in the decent maze.

Walked, swum, climbed and thrown,
Greenery will come, the seeds sown.

The peak of hopes, the beautiful climb,
Tired limbs, heavy eyes, soul sublime.

The dancing pains will be out of sight,
With the moments of the bright night.

Her moments being spent are precious,
For the single moment as auspicious.

Those eternal connections without wires,
Soothing as spring, enlightened with fire.



  1. can u pls tell me what was the day on 1982 in august 10

  2. what was the day of 1982 in august 10 pls tell me about that

  3. when was janamashtami celebrated in the year 1960 and 1961?

  4. mere pass sirf mera birth time 4 pm or tithi gopashthmi sunday hai,
    or year or day pta nhi hai .
    so plzzz help me

  5. can you please tell me which was date anant chaudas in 1982 that is My DOB.

    Please help me

  6. I want to know the teej festival (gangaur) date of 1960

  7. can you please tell me which was date Ugadi in 1986 that is My DOB

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