Posted by: Prem Piyush | April 1, 2005

The Encrypted Personal Post

Why do you Expect that something is written here!
Anyway you expect something written, Nice to know that!!
Let’s celebrate APRIL FOOL.



  1. i dont know my real date of birth but my name is vijaya

    • Dear sir i would like to know Date on saptmi in in may 1981

  2. My actual birth date is FALGUN SHUKLAPAKCHHA DASMI (Indian Hindu /Saka Era calendar) in the year 1952, Your help is required to know exact corresponding date according to English calendar. Kindly guide me.

  3. plz tell me when holi was celebrated in year 1980? plz send me detail on my mail

  4. I want to know the Vikram calendar date on 20 May 1959

  5. Please let me know the tithi (date) in Vikram calendar on 20 May 1959

  6. must be deleted.
    best deltes delete this post

  7. p[lease i want to know which date is mahasivarathri in the year 1960

  8. i wanna know the date of basant panchami in the year 1957. please lemme know if u cn help me. its very urgent…

  9. i was born in year 1986 in month baisakh Sukla paksh on was thursday on that day according to Kundli.Plz mail me my date of birth according to eng. calender.

  10. my fathers date of birth is phalun badi dasmi samvat 1984 what is the actual date of birth and year

  11. I want to know the date of dushera in 1977.Please tell me

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