Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 23, 2005

Love affairs and Student Life

Does any time such kind of thought come in my mind? Whenever they came, in the internal struggle my belief always won. That is, if I am to marry in future, thus a girl is already born on the earth somewhere, with whom I have never met. But it’s sure that she is somewhere and surely doing some work, some study, some work or some foolish things or sleeping as I may be doing my own. It’s as if I am with her but not near to her, so I have no right for deep friendship attitude, with expectations for any other girl. If I expect, she is leading an honest life there, why shouldn’t I be the same here? If a person is good by nature he/she is my friend, that’s all. No room for affairs. I have been against time-pass friendship too. This way the student life went on and still going on. The life in dreams looks beautiful. Any time when I felt I am going to be entangled in these affairs, I made pretty distance from such elements.

Now coming to in general, I feel pity on the students, who are deeply involved in such affairs and in which they seemed to be tense, frustrated, dejected or may be in sublime trance. Other friends’ backing up or supporting these types of students are equally harming. In last year at school, our batch have a sad experience of this type, (It’s different thing that the affair got materialized later on) because of some fellow classmates, that too on some useless prestige issue. If my post hurts any of those my old friends let it happen and let me know too. I don’t like disclaimers anyway. Naturally my genius friend’s career graph’s consistency did not continue. Earlier in my primary school life I came down to second position in class because of bad handwriting. The topper’s handwriting used to be like printed letters. Handwriting is the reflection of brain waves. Really he used to be a smart boy but that brilliant guy also wasted himself in such affair(s). On the other hand the related girls are presently well settled in their family lives unaffected. I feel pity on students like him.

I have seen that guys are affected more than the girls due to such affairs (I may be biased being closer to the guys). Overall there have been numerous career minded guys and girls who showed poor performance in career when they got trapped in such affairs. There are few good examples of love and friendship in students too which later culminated in strong bond too, but they did not get swayed away in emotions. But I imagine this as walking on the edge of the sword. The easy way of friendship and jokes are good and should exist in nature for maintaining harmony. The time when the regular routine is disturbed and brain is tense in case of career making time, the symptoms are dangerous. These students should proceed forward in their love affairs if they are enough matured and independent, or alternately should come back for sake of family, the career goal, and ultimately him/her self. The friendship if seems to be eternal, surely be respected it by heart but they shouldn’t make it an obstacle to student’s duties and career. After all waiting is worth paying. I feel more pity on such students who study in premier institutions on the tax payer’s or parent’s money and take less part in students’ affairs but take the love affairs seriously.

I also accept the psychological need of friendship, which may culminate towards serious affairs and these students will do everything to make the friendship strong. But at the same time they seem to weaken the friendship with the best friends, the books. Probabilities are high that in these cases, the weakened love affairs with books will be reflected in exams results too.


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