Posted by: Prem Piyush | March 20, 2005

Innovative Blogging

“Mother is the necessity of creations”, I have read this line in Anurag Jain’s blog, which was giving the reference of Calvin and Hobbes. I like the role of mother for the projects I like to undertake. In my school life too, if there was some projects/tasks, be it badge making for the Governor or preparing a speech for Nehru Yuva Kendra or science exhibitions, respected Sambhu sir used to call me for sure. I used to leave aside the academics until these given tasks were completed. The best thing about the task given by sir(s) was that they used to give me full liberty to do those in my own way. That’s why I had been one of the representatives of my school at the science exhibitions undisputed. I know how to make the meaningful things out of stray objects and how to use the limited resources meaningfully.

Now coming to meaningful writing, I search for how’s and why’s beyond textual meaning while reading any book or literary articles. Reading with a cause is added to my reading habit recently and there is a lot of pleasure. I have been able to intuitively study a piece of writing. Although I can take out a stray paper and read that too. Consequently I have been able to discover that each of the writing is closely related to some or other natural bodies. They may be like river, stream, fountain, ocean, volcano, dense forest, barren land or gardens. Some resemble man-made structures like concrete jungles or glass house too. Everything is good in its own way. My writings too have some specific pattern of expression.

Now expression and blogging may have separate purposes. Expression is convincing others through facts and reasoning and blogging need not be written with a purpose to convince others. At a point one of my cohort blogger writes that in general blogging, most of the posts are frivolous and it’s true. To an extent the reasons can be tracked back to the archiving purposes of the blogger’s personal life instances. But they are all correct with the reason as well as the updating oneself with the known persons. To me in blogs, the personal lives are not an important to others but the expression may be important. And the distinction must be made between expressing own personal life and dissecting private life. The great literatures are the outcome of personal live experiences with a pretty good expression, where every thing is clear and capable of intersecting with readers’ life too.

It’s the life of Navodaya that I never left any opportunity to express myself. For the first time, when I felt about my writing ability was the story writing competition when I got third prize in Hindi week celebrations. On the day I instantly sat at the competition after being provoked by respected Ravindra sir. Still today I never left a chance of participation in expression opportunities; blogging is a recent opportunity to bring out myself.

Opportunity and technology, hence blogging; it’s a launch pad of expression flight for me. English is not my mother tongue, that’s why it’s easier for me to express in Hindi, where I know, from where should I start writing, where the flow is required to go and where is a need of humour and where readers should be pushed to peak and instantly bring the river down to the valleys through the fountain before they meet the ocean. In English blogging too, I am trying to reach the various levels.

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